Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

MOSI (2) : Rocket

A key exhibit at MOSI is the immortal Stephenson's Rocket, probably the only locomotive that can come close to the Flying Scotsman for fame.

Monday, 29 October 2018

MOSI (1) : EM2

This week's theme is Manchester's Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) which has a lot of railway exhibits including former EM2/Class 77 1505 - still in Dutch Railway livery where it spent most of it's working life.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Monday, 22 October 2018

Northern Line (11) : Colindale

This week's theme is a return to the Northern Line. Starting with double trains at Colindale.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Marston Vale (4) : Woburn Sands

Now in Buckinghamshire, 150 107 departs the station heading for Bedford.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Marston Vale (1) : Bedford

This week's theme is the Marston Vale Line between Bedford and Bletchley, starting with the former and 153 371 in London Midland days.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Class 50s (5) : Paint needed

50 033's overhaul was completed mechanically for the gala but it still has a paint job to come, seen here at Kidderminster.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Monday, 8 October 2018

Class 50s (1) : 50s at 50

This week's theme is the Class 50, which celebrates it's fiftieth birthday this year. All the photos come from a special gala event to celebrate this on the Severn Valley Railway.

Friday, 5 October 2018


A Ffestiniog Railway locomotive visiting Kings Cross.

Thursday, 4 October 2018


One of many preserved Simplex locomotives on the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Southend Pier Railway

One of the two push-pull trains of the Southend Pier Railway.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Mail Rail

Now a tourist attraction under London but originally the Mail Rail carried post between the railway termini and the sorting offices. A preserved Mail Rail train seen at NRM York.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Narrow gauge

This week's theme is narrow gauge railways, starting with with this scene at Stonehenge Works on the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway.